Oct 22, 2010

I am the Zombie*, Coo-Coo Cachoo

*Full disclaimer: I'm not actually a zombie, nor do I play one on TV.

So you know how some guys get dressed up like girls on Friday nights?  Well, I did something like that, only switch 'some guys' with 'some people can convince their best friend to', 'girls' with 'zombies,' and 'Friday' with 'Thursday' and that's what I did.  (Some people can convince their best friend to get dressed up like zombies on Thursday nights for those of you that get confused easily. I include myself in that group)  Why?  Because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Just playing.  I actually did it because I went to my very first book reading at the library!  The main characters in the book are zombies, thus giving me a reason to dress as a zombie.  Well, that and the author of said zombie novel was dressed as a zombie, tool.  Now before I get too far in, I'm going to plug in some links for your net-surfing pleasure (I figure if it's not seamless, you might be more likely to check out the links):

My creative writing teacher, Robin Beckerrecently published Brains: A Zombie Memoir 
(This takes you to the physical copy of the book because I like books better than little Kindle demons)
and gave a reading of it for a crowd of us at the Faulkner County Library (you don't actually have to go to that last one, just go to the library. It's on Tyler Street).

There was even a kid from the UCA newspaper there.  I have to rat him out though because it was funny: he assumed Robin was a guy's name and was asking me questions about 'what is he doing here,' 'who is he,' and other such funny questions until I corrected him.  Lucky for him I'm easily amused; other people might have gotten offended. (*Le gasp, I can't believe you didn't know Robin Becker is a woman! GET OUT THE PITCHFORKS, LADIES!*)

I didn't want to go dressed as a zombie by myself, but as luck would have it I have an awesome friend named Chelsea (I took pictures of us, but I won't show them because she's shy) and she agreed to dress up with me.  It was awesome.

But back to the reading: Robin read a few pages from the book in front of us while dressed as a zombie, and it was nice.  A little audience participation in the way of zombie haikus (and finger giveaways), and lots of merriment in the audience.  I was kind of surprised that more people didn't dress like zombies.  If memory serves, the only people dressed up were me, Chelsea, two little kids (very gothic and a-dorable), and this guy I went to high school with (and his getup was good--very Romero-esque [I don't watch scary movies, but I know a well-executed stereotype when I see one]).

If all authors' readings are like this, I may start making a habit of seeking them out.  I doubt most readings will involve copious amounts of blood, though, so we'll just have to play that one by ear.  Or brain. What-evs.

I will leave you now with a picture of me and She Of The Zombies (it's my new name for the author formerly known as Robin Becker).  Now I'm off to find me some BRAINS...or Mexican food.  Salsa looks a little like brains, right?


  1. I was surprised there were any zombies!

  2. I really enjoyed this! I think this blog might be my favorite yet!----I like the way you have on a blood donor t-shirt too. LOL