Jun 12, 2013

Shame on Me

So I've been neglecting my duties, it would seem.  It's been almost EIGHT MONTHS since my last post, I've let my website go into ruin (the domain was only valid for a certain time, and I let it expire since I wasn't really using it), and I've gone at least two months without doing any serious writing.  I also haven't done anything serious on twitter in quite some time.

But that's all about to change.

Well, at least one of those things, anyway.

I can't promise I'll be able to blog regularly.  I've never been much of a blogger, and the medium doesn't interest me nearly as much as it does for others.  Twitter is basically the same story.  I probably won't renew the domain because it was a birthday present and I only updated it a handful of times while it was active in the first place (seems a bit of a waste of money if I'm not going to use it, right?).

But I am writing again, which is good news for me!  I'd taken a small break from writing due to...well, mostly stress, but the point is it's all been taken care of and I feel much better.  I've found a really cool spreadsheet to track progress on multiple projects, which is good because I have several ideas I'm bouncing around (including one I'm actually writing about).  I also have a finished outline for one of those stories that I'm really looking forward to getting back to.

I'm hoping to go back to writing a little every day like I was doing before.  It was slow going, but it was working.  It'll be good for me to get back into writing; I always feel better when I write, and I really want to get back to creating.

I'll try to write a blog post here and there, but again, no promises.  I'm really more focused on the writing of novels than what amounts to journal entries and opinion pieces, but I'll do what I can.

Like the picture says: "Change is a process, not an event."

What's your favorite writing medium?  Novels, magazine articles, short stories, poetry?  What makes that your favorite?

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